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The operating software was written in Atom Basic and compiled using the Basic ATOM IDE, a free download from the Basic Micro website. The operating software can be downloaded here, and is provided free for private, noncommercial use. Commercial use permitted only with my written permission (I really provide these things for hobbyists, not businesses, although I don't think I would have any particular problem granting permission--at least today).

Software Design


The first action take by the program is to initiailize the DAC chip, then force the outut to zero volts (or as close as we can get with the lower 2 bits tied high) to keep the lamp extinguished. It wouldn't do to have the lamp come on in the middle of the night after a power failure.

Next, the program initializes the LCD display, then puts up a display of the program and version, followed by an intial version of the running display. Afterward, variables for the system state and initial light levels are set, and the command interface variables are intialized.

Event Loop

After initialization, the software operates on an event loop that runs twice a second. The event loop calls subroutines for the following actions:

LCD Display

The LCD display of the Dawn Simulator device (taken from the front view picture on the hardware page) is shown below (it's rather hard to read because of reflections on the LCD bezel). The display tells us the following:

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