So, why should I pay down my mortgage early?

I'm sure that there are many financial advisors that would ask you the same question. Try asking yourself the following question: why are so many people so anxious for me to take on and hold more debt? I've found that people who want you to carry debt fall into two categories: So, let me lay down a few ideas for you to think about. Disclaimer. Any and all opinions expressed on this page are solely those of the author. The author accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of data provided on this web site, nor does the author accept any responsibility for the use and /or misuse of information provided on this web site. It is the full and sole responsibility of the user to determine whether and/or how best to use the information provided within their own circumstances, and it is the full and sole responsibility of the user to accept any and all benefits and/or consquences of their actions. Please see my Privacy Policy.

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